Buying houses in Sardinia, a safe investment

Buying houses in Sardinia and investing in bricks and mortar are considered a safe real estate investment. Numbers are comforting, they show an increasing trend of buying and seem to be not so vulnerable to the economic crisis. As a matter of fact, although the economic conditions continue to be uncertain, the tourism in Sardinia provides a stable source of income for real estate industry. The current trend shows a growing demand for accommodation in specific areas and this allows to buy house and make sure to quickly cover the costs.

For those who decide to buy houses in Sardinia in order to rent them during the summer, in addition to covering the costs there is an opportunity of making a profit. Obviously, it may vary depending on the place and on the kind of house, but less popular coastal and rural areas are increasing their value in the real estate market. This means that to invest in a property in this area is profitable, both in a short term and a long term perspective, even in the event of selling the property in the future.

One of the most important reason of the growing in this real estate market is referred to the newly enacted legislation to save the coasts. It is forbidden to build new houses within a distance of 2 km from the shoreline. Because of this, properties already built have significantly increased their value and also rural areas near the coasts have been successfully recognised by investors and buyers. Currently, tourism demand in Sardinia is focused on small towns and villages, that offer peace and quite according to the local customs, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing holiday and at the same time to easily reach many beaches and entertainment places in a short time.

Who is looking for buying a house in Sardinia in order to own a second holiday house can be sure about the long-term profitability of the investment. You will be able to personally enjoy the house and discover the beauty of the island without worries about the economic trend or the tourism demand. Then, you can be sure to have available in the same location the same holiday house every year. This means a reduction in the stress caused by travel organisation and more time to enjoy your holiday.

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