Holiday homes in Posada, to taste the true flavour of Sardinia

Holiday homes in Posada offer the possibility to get in touch with the daily life of the island and know more about its culture and ancient traditions. Very often people tend to think about Sardinia and holidays in Sardinia in a way that misrepresent the true essence of the island. The island’s nightlife, well frequented by celebrities and personalities, is only one of the many features of this extraordinary land. Tourism market has changed in recent times. The tourist demand has shifted towards other less popular seaside resorts, that have nothing to envy to other locations celebrated by the media.

Holiday houses in Posada are the best choice if you are looking for seeing and discovering places full of history and culture or areas of outstanding natural beauty. The location of the ancient village offers strategic benefits. The centre of the town is situated just on a spur of limestone rock that rises above the surrounding plain. The old town centre is characterized by an impressive medieval castle, the “Castello della Fava”, and all around gray-stone houses, little squares, charming alleys and steps. The village is surrounded by new-build homes and offers the chance to catch glimpses of the sea and the valley.

People who live there are nice and friendly. They lead a healthy lifestyle in harmony with the surrounding nature and with a real sense of enjoyment of simple things. These reasons have made holidays homes in Posada a popular destination for tourists wishing to explore Sardinia. The peace and the quiet of the location are combined with the chance to enjoy the nightlife, with a number of different activities tailored to all needs. Actually, around the village there are lots of bars frequented by young people, but also places available for children’s play and shopping, craft shops that sell typical Sardinian products and well equipped shops for those who do not want to give up comfort on holiday.

Beaches on this part of the East Coast are characterized by long stretches of white sand mixed with pebbles softened by the sea. You can choose from public beaches or private beaches fully furnished with parasols and sun loungers. The water here is clear and shallow, the perfect choice for those travelling with small children. Moreover, around Posada there are also several historical and natural interesting places to explore and discover day by day, also thanks to the many cultural events such as festivals, religious celebrations and shows.

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