Holiday homes in Sardinia: a relaxing getaway in the “Caribbean” of Mediterranean Sea.

The dream of owning holiday homes in Sardinia recalls the luxury life of footballers, show business celebrities, sports stars and well-known personalities. As a matter of fact, from the late 70s until recently, just a few well-off buyers had a second home to spend summer holidays in Sardinia. A corner of paradise and seaside resorts where sedentary tourists decided to move temporarily their business, organizing celebrity private parties for footballers, actors, singers, models and political personalities with a high standard of living. Currently, the holiday homes market in Sardinia has made a decisive U-turn.

Exclusive holidays and unbridled luxury have been replaced by a holiday suitable for people who love the island lifestyle, not only the coasts lionized by foreign investments and celebs. Who are looking for a holiday home need for a comfortable starting point to move and discover new places and beaches, hidden from the mass tourism. This is a way of sharing a genuine everyday life, even with people who live there. The holiday houses in Sardinia are a relaxing and perfect place, where you can find beautiful landscapes away from urban chaos and all you need without going to the other side of the world.

White sand, public beaches and amazing clear water: it looks like to be in a typical Caribbean beach instead of in a touristic place so close to your house. Easily reachable by plane or by ferry, Sardinia offers the opportunity to spend a wellness and funny holiday. There are so many interesting options offered by real estate market today.

You can choose an apartment, a comfortable house or a newly renovated house depending on your needs and budget. The coasts offer a number of housing solutions, most of these have wonderful sea view, and the near Sardinian inland is no less. As a matter of fact, inland homes have cheaper prices and guarantee privacy and comfort, the same applies to little towns and small villages with sea view.

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