Property for sale in Sardinia, a growing market

The houses sale in Sardinia has recently undergone a change of direction in the real estate market. Until a few years ago, the demand for property has been driven above all by the most popular coastal areas of the island, now it is making a decisive U-turn. Nowadays, it is mainly houses located in towns and small towns near the coast which involve the biggest part of the housing market. This trend is due to an increase in the need for relaxing holidays combined with the exploration of the territory, without sacrificing the entertainment experience that makes popular the coastal nightlife.

It is a really positive time for property owners who would like to sell houses in Sardinia, wherever they own a property in a small town or they want to sell a house situated right on the coast. With the newly enacted legislation to save the coasts, it is forbidden to build new houses within a distance of 2 km from the shoreline. For this reason buildings located in that area have significantly increased their value. Currently, owning a property in that strip of land with construction ban means a guarantee of earnings and profits.

Furthermore, the demand for property mainly comes from foreign markets, where the economic crisis has not hit hard the real estate industry thereby decreasing significantly the purchasing power.
For example the Russian market demand for properties in Sardinia is strongly increasing. When you decide to sell a property, you need to consider carefully the dynamics of international markets for discovering what is the market with the most purchasing power.

This consideration is valid also for the sales of real estate located in small towns, where there is the possibility to close the sale in much shorter timescales. Actually, there is a high demand, even by Italian buyers who wish to invest in real estate or simply want to buy a second home, just to spend every year an exclusive holiday, without worrying about the market fluctuation or about the possibility of not finding in the same location the house that meets their individual needs.

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